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Anji FuRui Furniture Co.,Ltd. is located in Tangpu Industrial Park , Anji is the hometown of Bamboo in China. Our company is committed to gas spring development, production and sales of professional enterprise. And specializes in manufacture various type of gas spring force feature experimental machine and other professional equipment that are used to monitor product process and realize   product quality guarantee. Our products are widely applied in office furniture(chair gas spring), outdoor leisure furniture, toolbox, cabines, car trunk, hood, yachts, medical equipment, new type windows and door, and other fields, our company has a number of self-developed patent gas springs.

We have passed ISO9001-2008 system certification and all our gas spring have pass TUV SGS certificate. We aiming at high quality. We hold "Integrity managment" and "quality first" business philosophy, to cooperate and serve all over the world's customers!

Anji FuRui Furniture Co.,Ltd. Add:Tangpu Economic Zone Park 3,Anji County , Zhejiang Province , China
Tel:(+86) 0572-5213810 Fax:(+86) 0572-5301677
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